Sunday, 23 February 2014

The Tracy Anderson Method: Post-Pregnancy Workout

Okay so firstly, I have to apologise to any followers or those of you who might just drop by now and again on this late post. I am exhausted. And I don't just mean the kind of tiredness where, you've gone to bed really late a few nights in a row because you've been obsessed with watching the entire box set of Girls. Nope, I mean, up every 3 hours, all night, every night for weeks, even months. This baby business is pretty tough. And it's meant that just pulling together my energy to pick up every last bit of Lego at 8.00pm has been an effort. Let's just say I'm getting through a lot of coffee.

Anyhow. I've been trying to use Elsie's nap times productively and instead of just hoovering I've been doing the odd exercise DVD (I know, right?). It probably sounds completely contradictory to what I've said in the previous paragraph, seeing as I'm so tired but I really do find the odd hour spent raising my heart beat instead of just crashing out does make me feel a little lifted. And I've always exercised, so a home workout is my way of getting something in when I wouldn't otherwise have time.

So on to Tracy Anderson. You've probably heard of her because she's the trainer behind Gwyneth Paltrow's amazing post-baby body (have you seen her in Thanks for Sharing BTW?) and she's also worked with Madonna. She has stacks of DVD's and I've wanted to try one for ages simply because she reputedly gets amazing results (and a bit because I heart Gwyneth). And what could be more appropriate than the Post-Pregnancy Workout? I bought it, laid out my yoga mat, closed the curtains and got ready to weeeerk.

And boy is it work. The 45 minute DVD is split into a couple of different sections, all focused on mat work and namely, one loooooong abs workout, legs, a bit of bum and arms at the end. The abs section, which is first up is really tough. If you imagine how wobbly your abs are after having a baby, hitting them with any kind of exercise is a shock in itself but Tracy doesn't mess about; there are all kinds of crunches, abdominal twists and she even sneaks in a few planks - which are notoriously bloody hard even on tight, toned tummies.

So there's no getting around it, this one is TOUGH. I didn't put on a whole lot of weight after having Elsie and I think I'm fit-ish and I found it really hard. However, I think if you put the work in (Tracy recommends you do the DVD at least four times a week) this would really work. My muscles ached in that kind of smug, 'I've-just-exercised-really-hard' way after just one session and it's inspired me to try and keep at it. Tracy put on 60lbs when she had her baby too so that's inspiration, right there, on your TV screen. If you need more, rent Thanks for Sharing and check out Gwyneth in her underwear. She's 38. She's had two children. Amazing.

Buy The Tracy Anderson Method Post Pregnancy Workout DVD, £7.50 here.


  1. If I ever fall pregnant...this lady gonna be on my speed dial!!

  2. Hi there! She's great, there's no messing about but I like that approach! X