Monday, 7 April 2014

The Cowshed at Shoreditch House

Happy Monday everyone! So you may remember how, in my last post I moaned and groaned about how exhausted I was feeling and that I had barely had time to myself for, well, months. Well, with the advent of not only my birthday but also, Mother's Day, (I obviously loved last week) I had a few amazing treats - the best of which was a pedicure at the Cowshed Spa in Shoreditch House - all booked and payed for by my lovely husband. And it was such a relaxing experience, I thought it might make a nice little post to tell you all about it.
Before I get into the treatment itself I just want to say how much I genuinely love Cowshed. Being a beauty editor I have had a lot of treatments and been to so many spas, I couldn't even begin to count them all. Cowshed is one of those places that stands out for its all-round simplicity and relax-inducing loveliness. I always say it's the kind of place that feels exactly how you imagine your dream bathroom to be; everything from the fluffy towels and sink-in-them-sofas to the candles permeating the air and the little retro televisions create a homely feel that I swear has an immediate de-stressing effect.
At Shoreditch House, the spa lies on the ground floor, tucked neatly away by the entrance. It's such a lovely space - huge timber tables, vases of flowers and oversized industrial lighting gives off a cool, New York vibe but not in a snotty, minimal way (which I'm so over). After being taken to my own (giant sized) sofa, putting my feet up and ordering a coffee, I was feeling pretty happy and a bit smug. Then it got even better. I was given a set of headphones, the little TV in front of me was switched on and it started; only continuous episodes of Sex and the City. On repeat. All the way through my treatment. I didn't have to make small talk. Or even chat about my holiday. How good is that?!

And the pedicure itself, was of course, brilliant. I haven't gone near my feet since the last pedicure I had before Elsie was born and it showed. I almost felt bad for the therapist. But she seemed unfazed by it all (hopefully that means she has seen much worse) and went to work tidying, removing hard skin with an electric file, giving my nails a short, square-ish shape and painting with my chosen nail colour (Essie's Coral Reef). My feet looked amazing afterwards. Sort of new. And in that little hour I had relaxed, de-stressed and even laughed (partly due to the hilarious sex scenes of Samantha and co in SATC and partly because the foot filing bit was so ticklish). It was great. Take yourself there for an hour and you will feel a little more like you again. I guarantee it.

The Cowshed Pedicure, is £48 for 60 minutes. You can book it here.

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