Monday, 2 June 2014

Five Favourite Swimsuits

Giselle for Paris Vogue. It's not fair.
This week I'm diverging a little to bring you a fashion-esque post on swimwear. Earlier this month, I spent a week in Cornwall and though I felt utterly mortified at the prospect of being in any sort of swimwear so early on in Spring (err, hello pale, stubbly legs and wobbly tummy), I reluctantly dug out my old swimsuit. This would be okay if we were talking about a nifty little number that cleverly disguises a bit of a mum tum (or as my mum puts it, 'a belly like a squashed tomato'). It would also be okay if it had, I don't know, a lovely strap detail or pretty print. But no. It's a black Speedo number, with pastel pink edging and high V-neck. Awful. And actually, though it disguised my post-baby tum, it made me feel worse - in hindsight, I should have just picked out a prettier bikini, slapped on a bit of fake tan and got on with it.

Anyhooow, the moral of the story is; next time you get invited on a lovely holiday and there's a small chance you'll be in swimwear and you're a little worried about a wobbly tummy, buy a new and lovely flattering swimsuit before you go. I grant you, it's not that easy to come across a goodie (and please do ignore all those magazines with charts that tell you to choose one according to what 'fruit' shaped boobs you have - I kid you not, I spotted one only this week). Simply choose one that won't ride up your backside when you're lifting your toddler into the pool or fall down when he's using you as a float. And that's all you need really. Job done.

(left to right) Topshop Spyrograph Print Swimsuit, £36, H&M One Shoulder Swimsuit, £14.99, River Island Geometric Floral Swimsuit, £25, Whistles Cruz Blotted Floral Swimsuit, £75, French Connection Nancy Plaid Swimsuit, £42.

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