Friday, 15 May 2015

Review: Sanctuary Spa Air-Whipped Shower Souffle

Don't eat this.
I have a bit of an issue with shower stuff. You see, when I was working on a magazine and surrounded by the most beautiful and ridiculously indulgent bath oils and shower washes (Aromatherapy Associates and Jo Malone might have figured in there somewhere) I thought nothing of using and then enthusing about their relax-inducing benefits in the features I was writing. However, as a freelancer you just don't get sent so much of the sexy stuff and (wait for it) you have to BUY YOUR OWN. The first time I had to do this and merrily set about shopping online for a bottle of my favourite Elemis Skin Nourishing Milk Bath, I almost cried into my cappuccino. £41 sounds fine and dandy when you're raving about it in the glossy you write for but when you have to actually buy it yourself? Not so much.
Which brings me to Sanctuary Spa. I can genuinely say I love this brand because they're doing something not a lot of brands are and that's offering deliciously smelling and lux looking bath and shower products that don't cost the same as a pair of jeans (if you buy Topshop). And also, they're doing pretty innovative stuff; their textures, packaging, formulas and collaborations are knocking socks off what some designer brands are doing right now. Take their latest launch: the dessert-inspired Air-Whipped Shower Souffle, £7. I've been using this every time I shower and seriously, it's the fluffiest and most hydrating shower cream I've used in ages. The mango seed oil softens the scaliest skin - and has made my body lotion pretty much redundant these last few weeks - which is great because with two little ones, my morning routine needs to be speedy. And because of the unique, star-shaped nozzle on the tube, the texture is exactly akin to the creamy twirls of icing you get on a cupcake.  Which can only be a good thing.
Oh and if you care about this sort of thing it's also worth pointing out that they look okay too - you won't feel the need to hide your bottle behind your almost-empty Jo Malone one when people come round. Win-win. 

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