Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Working-It Out

As a regular, if somewhat sporadic, runner, I've been really keen to keep up my fitness levels during my second pregnancy. It's not a weight issue, more that I've wanted to feel as fit and healthy as possible both before and after labour. Plus, I reckon staying even a little bit fit has got to help you during it too, right? With my first baby, I gave the treadmill up weeks in. I was sure all that jiggling about just couldn't be comfortable for baby and really, I didn't feel comfortable either - I was forever pulling up leggings or hitching down sports bras.

That's why I was really intrigued when an email from FittaMamma Maternity ActiveWear appeared in my inbox. The small range of sportswear has been designed especially with mums-to-be in mind; think stretchy fabrics designed to accommodate a steadily growing bump, capri pants complete with a supportive band and unique fabric that keeps you cool even when you feel you've got an in-built heating system, not a baby, somewhere in there.

I tried their Mamma Capris, £44.99 and the Mamma Support Top, £44.99 (pictured) and I've got to say, they were brilliant. Neither rode up or down during my runs (read: ambles) around the park and the extra support they gave was a huge comfort (both physically and psychologically). If, like me, you're keen to keep up some sort of exercise routine during your pregnancies, I'd wholeheartedly recommend them. I just wish I'd came across them sooner.


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