Saturday, 10 January 2015

5 online shops for stylish kids stuff

Scout & Co's delightful JoJo's First Word Book, £12.99
Let's face it, when it comes to gorgeous, stylish, stand-out kids clothes, decor or even toys, we're not so good at getting it right here in the UK. Okay, Gap is pretty nifty at coming up with some clever collections and Mothercare finally got their act together by getting Jools Oliver on board but, aside from H&M (and their home department) and a few bits at M&S I struggle to find great things on the high street. So this post is basically dedicated to all those brilliant small companies who are doing fab flipping amazing stuff online. I go to all of these places when, in the midst of all those basics from H&M I really want just one incredible jumper/body/pair of leggings for Elsie. Or an amazing duvet cover for Max. They're not cheap, granted, but they truly do offer the kind of things that make me smile every time I see them. And that's worth every penny.
What about you guys? Any favourite online shops you love to splurge in? Let me know. 

The Apple Papple Poster, £28
1. Scout & Co
I could spend hours looking at Scout & Co's website (in fact, I probably have). I love absolutely everything these guys stock (and that's clothes, posters, toys, books, blankets and so on - we have the adorable Fine little Day Apple Papple Poster in Elsie's bedroom) - so much so, that, in my head I've often fantasized of opening my own little kid's shop, right here in East London, full to the rafters of everything they do. Anyway. Just go grab a coffee, sit down and take a look.

2. The Bright Company
The Bright Company's Slim Gyms, £16
Instagram is just brilliant at bringing amazing things to your attention that you never knew even existed. Like pyjamas. Such is the case with The Bright Company. They only stock kids pyjamas and bedding but they're the brightest, coolest pair of PJ's your kid will ever own. Max has the Short Jyms (on sale now for £12) but I'm bursting to buy him these. 

3. Little Titans
Since having Elsie I've become a teeny bit obsessed with finding the cutest, coolest tights. Those little chubster legs just demand to be shown off. And here they are. Little Titans are tights for girls and boys and they're the best designed tights ever. It's a fact. And they won't run in the wash like Elsie's old Next ones did.
Little Titan's Sunshine Stripe, £15.99

4. Magnificent Stanley
Elsie in her Magnificent Stanley T, £18
I've raved about Magnificent Stanley before (see here) but it's become a go-to for an original and beautiful gift for friends who've just had babies. Choose from bodies and T-shirts in navy or white and get your choice of an appliqued Liberty print letter or word sewn on the front. I have one of these for Max and Elsie and I love them. 

5. Velveteen Babies
Again, this is one I came across on Instagram, which is proving to be brilliant at seeking out neat little online stores like this one (especially as it's nestled in the mind boggling big handmade and vintage shopping site, Etsy). VelveteenBabies is small but adoringly so - check out the panda and penguin garlands and cloud mobiles. See?    
Velveteen Babies Penguin Garland, $37.35