Thursday, 22 January 2015

Don't buy her flowers

The Care Package. Love.
My first week at home after having Max (almost five years ago) was a bit of a blur to say the least. In those first few days you're just so exhausted, delirious and a little bit all over the place emotionally and physically that you're surprised you make it through week number one at all. However, in amongst it all a friend came to visit and brought the BEST basket of goodies; gossip magazines, some really good chocolate, a huge, ridiculously cosy scarf and a few beauty products that were so easy to wear, they practically applied themselves. It was such a lovely thought because she'd taken the time to handpick a few things she thought I might like and in all honestly, were much more bloody exciting than another bunch of flowers.
Which brings me to Don't Buy Her Flowers. I am so excited about this new venture by brilliant blogger and mum of two, Steph Douglas, (read her fab blog here) because it really does fill such a huge void when it comes to what's out there, gift-wise for new mums. The premise is pretty much exactly what I've described above but on another level. There are five gift sets to choose from, all beautifully wrapped and all containing the sorts of things you really do want in those first few days you're at home. I'm itching to buy my very pregnant friend The Care Package, £26 - which lovingly houses your choice of glossy magazine, triple chocolate brownie truffles, green and mint tea, a luxury flapjack AND a very gorgeous scarf. You can even add Cook food vouchers to your set too.
So really, don't buy her flowers. She has enough of those. Do this instead and make her smile.