Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Back to the blog

Happy New Year everyone! I have to admit this little blog of mine has taken a backseat for a while. Our little boy, Max, started school last year and it's all been a bit of an eye opening experience. Things like uniforms, PE kits, packed lunches, weekly birthday parties and school fairs really do take up a lot of your time. I've even had to get the iron out. It's been that intense. So now it's all settled and we have a routine of sorts I can get back to this blog. And this year it's all about honing in on the amazing beauty products out there designed to make your life that bit easier, as well as some lovely things for your little ones and take-your-breath-away spas that work for you and your family. I'll also probably be nattering on about some other bits and pieces that aren't entirely beauty based (did you see the Kate Spade collection for Gap last year?!) but hopefully, those snippets will inspire and intrigue you too. Enjoy and thanks for following!